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Ride the Pretty Pony at Yahoo Farm
See the Beautiful Butterfly and Flower Garden at Yahoo Farm
Ride the Pumpkin Wagon at Yahoo Farm
Warm up by the Free Bonfire at Yahoo Farm every Saturday night.
Saturday Nights in October
See the Cute and Cuddly Animals at Yahoo Farm

Seasonal Decorating

Yahoo Farm has a wide selection of authentic decorating supplies to help you create the perfect autumn or halloween display. We have pumpkins in all shapes and sizes, a wide variety of gourds from big to small, hay bales, corn stalks, indian corn and more.

Halloween and Autumn Displays

It’s easy to create a halloween display at Yahoo Farm. A few hay bales, some corn stalks, some pumpkins and some indian corn, a few gourds for interest and color. Pretty soon your porch has a nice country feel to it that will be the envy of your neighbors.

Wide Variety

We grow quite an assortment of pumpkins. We have giant pumpkins, jack-o-lantern size pumpkins, pie pumpkins, small pumpkins and miniature pumpkins. We grow all sorts of gourds from large to miniature in a variety of colors and shapes. We have several types of indian corn, ornamental squash, tall corn stalks and hay bales.


Yahoo Farm is Open Daily 10am-6pm September 23 through October 31, 2006
Discover 100 millon year old fossils. Fossil Grubbin at Yahoo Farm.
Explore the Yahoo Corn Maze
Climb aboard the breathtaking Yahoo Hayride
The Haunted Hayride at Yahoo Farm is fun for all ages.
Saturday Nights in October
The Cosmic Corn Maze is full of spooky twists at Yahoo Farm.
Saturday Nights in October
The Pumpkin Wagon Ride goes through its own corn maze at Yahoo Farm.
The Amazing Hay Maze at Yahoo Farm is fun for the smallest of children.
Meet the Pumpkin Bunny at Yahoo Farm's Pumpkin Hunt. Free to children under 8.
Enjoy the exciting Yahoo Hayride.