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Map to Yahoo Farm
Ride the Pretty Pony at Yahoo Farm
See the Beautiful Butterfly and Flower Garden at Yahoo Farm
Ride the Pumpkin Wagon at Yahoo Farm
Warm up by the Free Bonfire at Yahoo Farm every Friday and Saturday night.
See the Cute and Cuddly Animals at Yahoo Farm


Yahoo Farm Miracle Water


Send in your miracle testimonial.



“Working in the pumpkin fields under that blazing hot sun it takes a Miracle to quench my thirst—Miracle Water that is. The pinnacle of liquefied invigoration!”
— Moon Bughead


“I was so thirsty I couldn't see straight. Miracle Water saved my life! It's a Miracle!”
— Warbly Simplton, III


“I poured some on my tomatoes and they GREW! Yummy. It's a miracle!”
— Haystacks Mumblebee



Yahoo Farm is Open Daily 10am-6pm September 23 through October 31, 2006
Explore the Yahoo Corn Maze
Climb aboard the breathtaking Yahoo Hayride
The Haunted Hayride at Yahoo Farm is fun for all ages.
The Amazing Hay Maze at Yahoo Farm is fun for the smallest of children.
The Cosmic Corn Maze is full of spooky twists at Yahoo Farm.
Meet the Pumpkin Bunny at Yahoo Farm's Pumpkin Hunt. Free to children under 8.
Enjoy the exciting Yahoo Hayride.