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Ride the Pretty Pony at Yahoo Farm
See the Beautiful Butterfly and Flower Garden at Yahoo Farm
Ride the Pumpkin Wagon at Yahoo Farm
Warm up by the Free Bonfire at Yahoo Farm every Saturday night.
Saturday Nights in October
See the Cute and Cuddly Animals at Yahoo Farm

Yahoo Farm School Field Trips

Bring your class to Yahoo Farm this October for a fun and educational experience they won’t soon forget.

Only $5 per Child

Plus, 1 teacher and 1 parapro per class are FREE!

Parents and siblings welcome at same price.

The all inclusive Yahoo Farm Tour includes:

Teacher’s Day

Yahoo Farm is a fun-filled beautiful place, but don’t take our word for it, come out yourself for Teachers Day, the first Saturday of the season, and get a free hayride and farm tour with your school id. We would love to meet with you and help you fulfill your educational needs.

Fun and Educational

Yahoo Farm provides an unforgetable educational experience in one of the most beautiful farms around. Upon arrival at Yahoo Farm the first thing you will notice is the picturesque beauty. The next thing you notice is that you aren't being rushed around, as we welcome you in the old southern style. There is so much to see and do here that your class will be delighted. If you have something you would like us to work into your lesson plan, let us know and we'll see what we can come up with just for you.

The Animals

For starters we'll head over to the barn to feed and pet the animals. We have all kinds of animals: ducks, chickens, goats, ponies, miniature ponies, turkeys and more. They are so cute and cuddly and they love children. Next the kids can check the chicken coop for eggs. Hand wash stations are provided for clean up.

The Hayride

Did you hear the all aboard? That's right the hayride is leaving, time to sit back and enjoy a breathtaking scenic hayride through a working family farm and learn about farming. As you wind around the rolling hills down into the hidden valley, notice the orchard. Are there apples on the trees? Keep an eye out for the cows which might be grazing on the far hillside. When you reach the valley floor you’ll get to see pumpkins growing in the fields. At Yahoo Farm we grow a large variety of pumpkins, indian corn, decorative gourds, watermelons and squash. We grow giant pumpkins, little pie pumpkins, miniature pumpkins and jack-o-lantern size pumpkins. You'll get to see a variety of plants as you pass through the fields. Yahoo Farm is split down the middle by 40 foot wide Rock Creek. You'll cross the river twice as you explore the farm, once above as you pass into the woodlands and once—SPLASH—right through it, much to the delight of the children. Throughout the hayride numerous vistas present themselves as you find your way into one secret garden of nature after another. As you begin the winding climb up out of the valley, attention will start to turn to the excitement of the Amazing Hay Maze which is fun for even the smallest children.

Corn Maze

Explore our 2 acre Yahoo Corn Maze and learn about pumpkins as you navigate your way out via pumpkin trivia. Did you know 99% of the pumpkins grown in the US are never eaten? It's true, but sad, since they are so delicious. At various points you will have to answer pumpkin trivia questions in order to know which way to go. Guess wrong and you head down a dead end. Guess right and find your way through. At the teacher's discretion the Bounce can be substituted for the Corn Maze.

Butterfly & Flower Garden

Revel in the beauty of our 1200 sq. ft. flower garden. Butterflies love Zinnias and are often eagerly eating the free lunch provided them by nature. There is a quite a variety of flowers in bloom. Be sure to watch for lucky crickets hopping about. Now might be a good time to have lunch in our picnic area. Several tables are provided as well as a spacious lawn. In case of bad weather you can move your group under cover. There is more than enough to room in there to accomodate your class comfortably should the need arise.


What trip to Yahoo Farm would be complete without a pumpkin? Before you leave you will get a Jack-O-Lantern size pumpkin for the class to carve and decorate.

The Best for Last

At Yahoo Farm we like to save the best for last, so the last thing that happens is when, quite excitedly, each child gets their own mini-pumpkin or mini-decorative gourds. The mini-pumpkins and gourds last quite a long time. Months is not uncommon. The variety they have to choose from presents some tough decisions, but the children seem to manage, although there will probably be many trades on the bus ride home.

Free Parking & Easy Access

At Yahoo Farm there is plenty of FREE parking with easy bus access. We are just a short drive direct from the Freeway, so it's real easy to find. We are open to schools Monday–Friday from 10am till 1pm. You must reserve a time in advance, so call early to get the spot you want before someone else does. If those times are not good call to see if we can accommodate your schedule.


Yahoo Farm is Open Daily 10am-6pm September 23 through October 31, 2006
Discover 100 millon year old fossils. Fossil Grubbin at Yahoo Farm.
Explore the Yahoo Corn Maze
Climb aboard the breathtaking Yahoo Hayride
The Haunted Hayride at Yahoo Farm is fun for all ages.
Saturday Nights in October
The Cosmic Corn Maze is full of spooky twists at Yahoo Farm.
Saturday Nights in October
The Pumpkin Wagon Ride goes through its own corn maze at Yahoo Farm.
The Bounce house at Yahoo Farm is a bouncing good time for kids.
The Amazing Hay Maze at Yahoo Farm is fun for the smallest of children.
Meet the Pumpkin Bunny at Yahoo Farm's Pumpkin Hunt. Free to children under 8.
Enjoy the exciting Yahoo Hayride.