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Ride the Pretty Pony at Yahoo Farm
See the Beautiful Butterfly and Flower Garden at Yahoo Farm
Ride the Pumpkin Wagon at Yahoo Farm
Warm up by the Free Bonfire at Yahoo Farm every Saturday night.
Saturday Nights in October
See the Cute and Cuddly Animals at Yahoo Farm

Welcome to Yahoo Farm

For over a decade now, Yahoo Farm has been delighting young and old alike, but especially the youngsters. Yahoo Farm is a true family farm dedicated to creating a fun experience for the entire family. Yahoo Farm is just over an hour north of downtown Atlanta, Georgia (or 15 minutes North of Canton) with easy access right off the freeway. Yahoo Farm has always held to the idea that it should be fun and affordable for the entire family and we have striven to make it so.

Yahoo Bakery

Yahoo Farm has all kinds of yummy treats available Click Here to find our full menu!

Corn Cannon

The fun-o-meter went straight over the top when we added our brand new Corn Maze covering 2 acres. Now we added a CORN CANNON and IMPROVED it.

Fossil & Gem Grubbin

Step back into the past and discover exotic gems and treasures that have been buried for hundreds of millions of years in the Moroccan Desert. Take a trip back into time and dig through the sands to see what amazing fossils you can discover. Rubies, Amethysts, and other stones? Crinoid stems? Shark teeth? Gastropods and more...

Yahoo Hayride

A hayride through Yahoo Farm will put you right in the middle of our pumpkin fields and a little slice of paradise. As you wind down the hill into a hidden valley, with a river running through it, your cares just melt away. Numerous breathtaking views are presented you as you cross over the creek and meander along its shore hugging the steeply wooded hills as you go. Soon you emerge into another secret meadow—notice the ancient orchard of paw-paw and muscadine that adorn the banks of Rock Creek. This was once food to the native Cherokee farmers of long, long ago.

Cosmic Corn Maze

The Yahoo Corn Maze becomes something altogether different in the evening. When the sun goes down on Saturday nights it becomes the Cosmic Corn Maze. The Cosmic Corn Maze adds to the already fun and festive nightlife here with Yahoo Farms extremely popular Haunted Hayride, Amazing Hay Maze, Moon Bounce, Rubber Duck Races, Fossil and Gem Grubbin, and a traditional evening for roasting marshmallows and hallow-weenies. To heighten the excitement included with your admission price to the Cosmic Corn Maze is a nearly useless flashlight and a glow in the dark bracelet. On Saturday nights, Yahoo Farm is a fun place to be. Hope to see you there!

Haunted Hayride

The Haunted Hayride just keeps getting better. Come meet the amazing cast of characters you will not want to forget. Be ready for The Captain, Bad Clown, 3 Arm Willy, Toot Fairy, Heads-R-Us, Mad Scientist, The Chef, Krusty's Katering, loads of shwag, and your host Hainta Claus. You can even get your picture taken with Hainta Claus! As always it is still fun for all ages, so bring the whole family. This is not your ordinary haunted hayride, with local comedian and owner of Yahoo Farm, Moon Bughead at the helm, how could it be? People of all ages from 4 on up have been having a wonderful time. It's funny and entertaining and spooky all rolled up in one. Due to the incredible demand we added another wagon to the Haunted Hayride last year.

Butterfly & Flower Garden

Our 1200 square foot flower garden is in full bloom. Even the butterflies know Yahoo Farm is the place to be. Stop by, before they leave us for the year, and say hi to them as they display their acrobatic talents in a magnificent arial ballet. If you are real appreciative you might even get one to come and curtsey on your shoulder.

Cute, Cuddly Animals

We have lots of new animals: a beautiful pony, turkeys, goats, miniature ponies, chickens, ducks and more.

Pumpkin Hunt

The Pumpkin Hunt continues to delight the children and the Pumpkin Bunny still keeps losing her pumpkins, so every Sunday in October at 2 O'Clock in the afternoon bring your children under age 8 out to Yahoo Farm for a pumpkin hunting adventure with the Pumpkin Bunny. Participation is free, and of course the child gets to keep the pumpkin they find. Thank you all for coming out and making this event so much fun.

Pumpkins and so much more...

Yahoo Farm is located in the beautiful foothills of the Appalachian Mountains just North of Canton about an hour North of downtown Atlanta. We have all sorts of activity and magnificent scenery here and of course the pumpkins. I have hardly had a chance to mention the pumpkins, but that's the whole reason that we are here. We have quite a crop of pumpkins, in all sorts of types and sizes, so you can find the one that's just right. Pumpkins aren't just for carving either, they make for real good eating. Our site has links to all sorts of recipes, for pumpkin soups, pies, pudding and bread. We also have picnic tables that you can use to have a nice lunch in the fresh country air. If your having a birthday you we have all sorts of fun options for you. So explore a bit and you may find a few surprises.

Thank you for visiting Yahoo Farm


Yahoo Farm is Open Daily 10am-6pm September 22 through October 31
Discover 100 millon year old fossils. Fossil Grubbin at Yahoo Farm.
Explore the Yahoo Corn Maze
Climb aboard the breathtaking Yahoo Hayride
The Haunted Hayride at Yahoo Farm is fun for all ages.
Saturday Nights in October
The Cosmic Corn Maze is full of spooky twists at Yahoo Farm.
Saturday Nights in October
The Pumpkin Wagon Ride goes through its own corn maze at Yahoo Farm.
The Bounce house at Yahoo Farm is a bouncing good time for kids.
The Amazing Hay Maze at Yahoo Farm is fun for the smallest of children.
Meet the Pumpkin Bunny at Yahoo Farm's Pumpkin Hunt. Free to children under 8.
Enjoy the exciting Yahoo Hayride.