Opening September 21st 2024

All activities & hours are weather permitting.

Cash or check only, ATM on site. No Pets Allowed, Service Animals Welcome.

Open Daily Weekdays & Weekends 10am-6pm

October Saturdays 10am-10pm

4729 Waleska Hwy
Jasper, GA 30143


Welcome to Yahoo Farm

“The Home of Halloween”

Yahoo Farm is a family oriented entertainment and educational farm in Jasper, Georgia.  Located about one hour north of Atlanta.  Every year thousands of families visit from mid September through October 31st.  Always rated as one of the top pumpkin/agritainment farms in the USA.

Official Representative of Yahoo Farm

Moon Bughead

Board Of Directors


After a long and illustrious entrepreneurial career, his many skills and talents have been invaluable in securing the means to fulfill our Mission Statement


AKA The Grim Reaper is the only present day psycho pomp. He brings his special touch to every situation with his ultimate decision making power. Without a doubt…the ultimate closer.

Boogers O’Toole

Successful shoe maker by trade. He has a pot of gold to prove his expertise. Always has 3 wishes available for the lucky someone. Beloved by all and forever ready with the fiddle and a jig.

Sir Hillary Marmalade

World famous, twice knighted, a relentless tracker, lover of all things adventurous and a man who is uniquely oblivious.


One day in class a clown was born. Today we are all recipients of those many years of clowning. Loved by some. Feared and despised by most. The rapier sharp wit and incessant horn honking is a reminder to us all of his ominous omnipresence.

Toot Fairy

Fame, Fortune, and Flatulence follows her on her quest to grant the wishes of the tootful. “Make a wish!!”


Hates cooking! A true champion of contemporary capitalist culture.


We are very honored to have a supernatural slollicum (shape shifter) on our board of directors. A true protector of the land and all who live upon it. His ability to walk in the two realms, the spiritual and physical, offers a unique insight into the everyday existence we call reality.

Our Offices