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It’s time for the Halloween Party Cake Pull!

The Halloween Party Cake Pull is a Yahoo Farm Halloween tradition and like all good things it should be shared with others. Start with the most delicious Halloween Bundt Cake, add unbeknownst fortunes, costumed party denizens, bash mishmash, monster tunes and your party will crank. The host gathers the party ghouls around the Halloween Party Cake. Placed under the cake are Halloween charms with pull strings attached. On the count of three the party animals pull the strings revealing the charms.

There are 13 charms in a Yahoo Farm Halloween Party Cake Pull Kit, each charm has a special meaning. The witch broom (you will travel soon), the smiling pumpkin (good luck), the white ghost (red hot romance is near), the mummy (memories never die), the cat on broom (good times ahead), the grim reaper (someone special is looking after you), the skeleton (success), the moon and bats (watch out), the bat (your wish will be granted), the spider web (just hanging), the black smiling ghost (something fun will happen), the black spider (hope eternal) and the good witch hat (good witch). The host asks each charm recipient to show their charm and reads the charm’s meaning. This will elicit flippant comments, revelations, ridicule and laughter from the party crew. The charms are keepsakes for your guests to remind them of the best Halloween Party ever.

If for some unknown reason you don’t have time to bake the most delicious Yahoo Farm Halloween Party Cake Recipe in all nine know universes you can substitute a store bought cake. If you don’t like cake you can substitute a pie, cup cakes, lady fingers, a skull, rats, cookies, a fruit platter, yard art or whatever as long as the charms are hidden underneath. A good time will be had by all.

The traditional Irish Hallows’ Eve brambrack (fruit cake), filled with various objects representing the fortunes of the revelers, was the inspiration for the Yahoo Farm Halloween Party Cake Pull. The best traditions start with cake, good fortunes, good friends (new and old) and a kick a%* party!

How to Halloween Party hardy the easy way? Just follow Moon Bugheads favorite Best Halloween Party Ever Checklist.  Remember, always leave that first slice of Halloween Party Cake to the side with the Moon Bughead place card. Moon Bughead,”I’ll be by later for my slice. So, if you hear the sound of breaking glass and sirens, don’t worry, it’s just me stopping by for my slice.”